Problem Solvers

First Appraisal Group, Inc. provides appraisals, appraisal reviews, and consultation for a variety of real property types with an emphasis on commercial and investment properties.

Data Collection

We have over fifteen years of data accessible at our fingertips.  Indiana was not always a disclosure state, so older data is often not available.  We are able to confidently complete retrospective valuations with our file data.

Customer Support

We serve a variety of client types, from attorneys and engineering firms to local and state government departments and agencies, private individuals or companies and more.


We choose to train our non-appraiser office staff on USPAP.  While they are not completing appraisals, their research of factual information is important to the integrity of our product—and they know the importance of correct data and verified research.
Our Lead Appraisers
Ashley Johnson, MAI, SRA, R/W-AC

Ashley Johnson, MAI, SRA, R/W-AC


 Wayne F. Johnson, II, MAI, RM

Wayne F. Johnson, II, MAI, RM

Vice President